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We want to be the preferred partner for
sourcing highly skilled software developers
to increase our client’s profitability while
maintaining our shared focus on people,
ethics and the work environment.



We are a professional and responsible software development company that creates value for our clients and employees

Everything we do is based on our

Core Values



Our clients can be assured that we are a stable, honest
and trustworthy company that delivers what is agreed
and communicates openly. We also expect our clients to be honest and open towards us as a partner. We treat our employees with respect and focus on providing good working conditions.



To us, transparency means WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get. We offer our clients a strategic partnership. We expect that both parties keep each other informed and that we base our partnership on open and visible business processes – business processes that are open and visible to our employees as well.


We provide our clients with responsible sourcing. We proactively address any issue in our business relationship to keep our promises, and respect and honour our clients’ confidentiality.
We trust our employees and are confident that they complete their job assignments professionally.

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